3 proof design paper cutter wall mounted paper cutter induction automatic paper cutter X-3310

3 proof design paper cutter wall mounted paper cutter induction automatic paper cutter X-3310

Product Details

This product has a lock design, which is safe and anti-theft, clean and hygienic. In the actual use process, the cutting objects to be faced by the paper cutter are various. In addition to paper and cardboard, there are also leather, plastic, cork floors and PS. Due to the wide variety of materials to be cut, different paper press pressures should be used for different materials, and the angle of the cutting edge should also be changed to ensure high-quality cutting product.

The choice of the cutting edge angle is a very important part of the cutting work. In other words, a good paper cutter should be equipped with a good paper cutting blade and sharpening process, and the paper cutter needs to be used for cutting. The range of materials is getting wider and wider, such as beer aluminum foil cap label, carbonless copy paper, honeycomb cardboard, magnetic card, photosensitive film, etc. These materials will encounter different practical problems during the cutting process. It is easy to appear indentation, and the magnetic card and photosensitive film will not be able to be fixed in the cutting process, resulting in cutting waste, etc. These problems can be solved smoothly by adjusting the pressure of the paper press, improving the blade and cutting transmission system.Welcome to inquire about custom tissue boxes and learn more details.

Suitable places: families, enterprises and institutions, gifts,Hospital,Welfare (with gift packs), offices, toilets, star hotels, guesthouses and other places

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