Fashion LCD Automatic Fragrance Machine Air Purifier Air Purification Fragrance Machine ABS Plastic Automatic Fragrance Machine X-1122

Fashion LCD Automatic Fragrance Machine Air Purifier Air Purification Fragrance Machine ABS Plastic Automatic Fragrance Machine X-1122

Product Details

Automatic fragrance dispenser (LCD display plus human body induction)

This product is controlled by digital integrated circuit, fully automatic, multi-function timing and human body infrared induction sprayer, now the man-machine dialogue is realized, which improves the reliability of this product and has a high cost performance.
1. The clock and time can be set and modified at any time;
2. The spray interval time of the machine can be arbitrarily set from 1 to 60 minutes;
3, The machine working date can be set, there are 2 options:
A: Monday - Friday work
B: Monday-Sunday work
4, with LCD display: when the LCD flashes green light, it indicates that the machine is about to spray; when the LCD flashes red light, it indicates that the perfume tank is about to run out and needs to be replaced with a new perfume tank;

5. When the battery power is low to a certain level, a battery pattern will appear on the LCD screen, indicating that a new battery needs to be replaced.

6. The dual control function of human infrared induction can be adjusted. When using human infrared induction, the timing induction can be adjusted.

Rated voltage: DC21.5v (R20) dry battery
Single size: (length, width and height) 88mm95mm238mm.
Net weight: 453 grams (excluding batteries, aerosol cans)
Packing size: 440460270(mm)
Packing per carton: 20 sets (kg)
If the spray interval is set to 15 minutes and run 24 hours a day, a can of freshener will be used for about 30 days.
A pair of 1# alkaline dry batteries lasts about 60 days.

1. Product performance - time control:

The photosensitive system can be controlled according to the time of day, night, 24 hours a day, spray control: according to the size of the space and the needs of the environment, it can be adjusted to spray once every 1-60 minutes. The timing switch works.

2. Product advantages - economical:

\u003Ci>耗能低,可随意设置工作时间,一瓶香露可使用3200次,一次性投入长期受惠.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>Low energy consumption, you can set the working time at will, a bottle of fragrance can be used 3200 times, one-time investment and long-term benefits.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>环保节能,PP材质耐腐蚀.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>Environmental protection and energy saving, PP material is corrosion resistant.\u003C\/b>

3. Easy to use:

\u003Ci>您可随意自动选择喷香机的定时服务,轻松设定所需电钮,自然清新的办公,生活环境便会呈现在你的面前.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>You can automatically select the timing service of the fragrance machine at will, and easily set the required buttons, a natural and fresh office, and the living environment will be presented in front of you.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>无电区亦可使用.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>It can also be used in non-electric areas.\u003C\/b>

4. Suitable places:

Families, enterprises and institutions, gifts, welfare (with gift packs), offices, toilets, star hotels, hotels, entertainment places, office buildings, beauty salons, photography buildings, trains, car carriages, waiting rooms, conference rooms, halls, Factories, hospitals, night clubs, office buildings, sauna cities, business halls, beauty salons, coffee shops, tea restaurants, reception rooms, offices, Internet cafes and other fitness and entertainment centers are densely populated or need to add fragrance.