Manual Foam Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser To Soap Dispenser ABS Plastic Manual Soap Dispenser X-2270F

Manual Foam Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser To Soap Dispenser ABS Plastic Manual Soap Dispenser X-2270F

Product Details

Product Specification Information

Product Brand: Italy Product Name: Manual Soap Dispenser Product Model: X-2270F

Product material: ABS engineering plastic Installation method: Wall-mounted Product specification: 13.59.527.0cm

Product capacity: 1000ML Liquid output: 1ML Quantity per carton: 32 pcs\/carton

Outer carton size: 57.54458cm Liquid type: foam Inside: bag




Large foam pump plus bag

PB246642 (2)

Small foam pump plus bag



Warranty Regulations:

1. This product is guaranteed for one year free of charge. Any failures caused by production process or component defects are covered by the warranty.

2. The surface of the product is not covered by the warranty, such as scratches, etc. Any faults caused by human or external factors are not covered by the warranty, such as knocking and knocking, or the user's private maintenance, which will lead to the invalidation of the warranty.

3. Consumables are not covered by the warranty.

4. If you have any questions about the quality when purchasing, please give feedback to our company in time. Our company will provide free return and exchange service within one week from the date of receipt. If there is no quality problem, the buyer only needs to bear the freight caused by the return and exchange. .

Shipping Instructions:

1. The price of this product does not include the freight, because the freight varies greatly across the country. The quantity of the goods will also make the freight different. In order to avoid misunderstanding, the buyer pays on delivery.

2. In order to reduce unnecessary troubles, the company will check all product packaging before delivery. So please buyers open it in front of the staff of the logistics company to check clearly when receiving the goods. If the goods are damaged, please tell the staff Clear or get in touch with our company's customer service staff to negotiate with the logistics company.

3. If you do not open the inspection in person, you will sign for it. If there is any damage, the buyer will bear all the losses. Buyers are also requested to inspect the goods before signing for receipt. The company's actions are for the interests of both buyers and sellers. Inconvenient Thank you for your understanding!

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