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The company brought products such as automatic fragrance sprayer and soap dispenser to the Guangzhou Fair
- 2019-04-13-

Beautiful design full of creativity

Exquisite products one in a million

Bring industry leaders

Appeared in Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Fair

Use technology to interpret comfort

Leading fashion with quality


Take you to experience a new life

gluttonous feast

Ingenious quality, leading the trend

On December 16-18, 2018, the 25th International Hotel Supplies Fair will be held in Guangzhou Pipa Convention and Exhibition Center. In this exhibition, Italy brought soap dispensers, tissue boxes,Automatic Fragrance Machineand other series of products appeared in the Guangzhou Exhibition. The trendy design concept, the unique and convenient design, and the perfect new products are presented to the visitors, so that hotel supplies no longer exist only on the cloud, but also in a moment!

Big bosses from all over the country

At the Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition this time, Italy's products were supported and praised by leaders and guests from all walks of life. On the day of the exhibition, bigwigs from all over the country gathered, and they highly praised the products after visiting the exhibition hall. Thanks to customers from all over the country for their support, we will definitely live up to expectations and move forward all the way.

Focus on fashion, connect life

Fashion is never willing to stay in the window; the trend is always the first to blow you who stop here. Italy is closely positioned to "artisan's heart" and "convenience", and is committed to helping consumers find their ideal products Sanitary ware and bathroom and its own hotel and fashion home lifestyle, focusing on color trends to bring consumers a distinctive visual enjoyment, focusing on appearance and design to provide consumers with a more comfortable tactile experience, and through the variety of designs. The soap dispenser, tissue box, and fragrance dispenser will be artistically presented, catering to the current consumer groups of hotels and companies in a timely manner.

In addition, Italy, with a vision of inspiration for hotel supplies and a keen sense of fashion, is committed to integrating international fashion trends into the design of sanitary ware and bathroom, bringing a new fashionable lifestyle to consumers, setting off a comfortable and fashionable fashion Sanitary wave.

From December 16th to 18th, 2018, Italy will create a new space for fashionable life for you at Booth 131136, Hall 3.2, Guangzhou Pipa Convention and Exhibition Center, and meet you with a new generation of fashion.