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The origin and development of soap dispenser
- 2020-11-25-

The "ancestor" of soap dispensers

The story of GOJO begins in Akron, Ohio, USA during World War 2. Goldie Lippman is the supervisor of one of Akron's many rubber factories, where he works to make life-saving Rubber products for wartime supplies such as rafts.
One day, Goldie and her colleagues discovered that it was very difficult for rubber factory workers to clean their hands after a hard day's work. Before the war, workers in rubber factories used kerosene and benzene at the end of their shifts to remove hard-to-clean chemical residues from their hands. The chemicals and detergents were taking a toll on workers' health, so Goldie and her husband, Jerry, set out to find a better solution.
In order to solve this problem, Jerry visited Kent State University's chemistry experts, hoping to develop a hand sanitizer that can effectively remove chemical residues without harming skin health. With this hope, he found Clarence Professor Cook (Clarence Cook), 2 people invented the first ever GOJO hand sanitizer.
In 1946, Goldie and Jerry co-founded GOJO Industries, and the two jointly managed the growing company. Goldie had financial and business acumen and was primarily responsible for "internal" tasks such as managing documents, sourcing raw materials, developing pricing strategies, and more. .And Jerry is a natural innovator, with unstoppable curiosity, a correct attitude, and enthusiasm for communicating with customers. At the beginning of the company, there were few customers, Goldie handled company affairs alone, and Jerry was selling GOJO hand sanitizer, the packaging of the hand sanitizer at the time was collected from local restaurants, and the storage bottle was transformed.
After talking to customers, Jerry learned that the cleaners workers have been using are centrally stored in the factory, and some workers even scoop it out of storage tanks and then go home in buckets for use at home at night. This is a huge expense for some business owners and cannot be purchased and provided to employees. If this issue is not resolved, it will limit the development of Goldie and Jerry's business.

Jerry defied the odds and invented the first hand-held soap dispenser in history, patented in 1952. This innovative solution laid the foundation for GOJO to become a leading cosmetic company. Available anywhere in the world today The hand-held soap dispensers are all "descendants" of Jerry's invention patents. A firm foothold in the market segment
In the following decades, GOJO expanded its business to a wider range. From food service establishments to medical institutions, from cruise ships to schools, "Made by GOJO" can be seen.
In 1988, GOJO developed Purell hand sanitizer, which was a turning point for the business. In 1997, the company brought Purell, a groundbreaking innovation to the consumer market, enabling people around the world to take hand hygiene seriously. Today , Purell is still the number one hand sanitizer brand in the United States, and wherever hand hygiene is concerned, Purell hand sanitizer can be found.
Driven by this innovative spirit, GOJO has continued to develop better hand sanitizer products in the years following the launch of Purell. In 2006, the brand launched a revolutionary touch-free soap dispenser that enables cleaning and disinfection Hands have become more convenient. In 2011, based on the optimization of the original formula, GOJO launched Purell advanced hand sanitizer. It is advertised that this new formula can destroy more than 99.99% of common disease-causing bacteria, and is the first only A product that meets FDA hand hygiene requirements with a single pump (compared to 2 other peer brands in the US). For the past 30 years, the Purell brand has meant a lot to GOJO and consumers, and GOJO's scientists have continued to Formulate and design new products to meet everyone's expectations of the Purell brand.
In 2018, GOJO launched PURELLSOLUTION cleaning combination formulas, such as Purell HEALTHYSOAP products with CLEAN RELEASE technology and the revolutionary Purell ES8 hand sanitizer, followed by Purell Sanitizing Spray a year later.
The inventor of Purell hand sanitizer, GOJO is a still privately held, family-owned company headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with factories in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, and has changed the world for more than 70 years. Health. In addition to groundbreaking hand sanitizers and soap dispensers, GOJO also manufactures products including hand cleaning and sanitizing, body and hair cleaning products, (utensil) surface sanitizing products, and more.
Goldie and Jerry take sustainability issues so seriously that GOJO has always been moving towards a circular economy, no matter through generations of leaders. In 2010, GOJO released Purell Green hand sanitizer - the world's first EcoLogo certified hand sanitizer .
Recently, GOJO also announced the 2020 corporate sustainable development goals, such as reducing the traces of chemical substances used by 50%, officially certified products accounting for 67.8%, reducing the use of packaging materials by 15%, bringing health and convenience to 1 million consumers every day, Soap dispensers have a 50 percent recycling rate, ensuring that 90 percent of suppliers own and practice sustainability. As the COVID-19 virus spreads globally, sanitizer manufacturers have ramped up production to meet growing demand.
GOJO said in response to the outbreak: "Consumer demand for Purell disinfection products has grown significantly, especially for hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and cleaning sprays. As retailers and medical institutions gradually increase orders, the company has increased shift hours, And let employees work overtime to produce, and now has greatly increased production to meet the demand for orders. With the global spread of the new crown pneumonia virus, sterilization manufacturers have accelerated production to meet the growing demand.