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Good mountains, good water, good people, good atmosphere
- 2020-11-14-

The landscape entertains the eyes and the eyes, and the company warms the heart. On the 99th Double Ninth Festival in the golden autumn and October, the general manager of Guilin Shi, who is at the helm of Italy, invites all employees and some family members to share the beauty of the Lijiang River, climb mountains, and play with water. Alone Better Together.

Eleven years of ups and downs, Italy has become a leader in the industry from a small workshop with a few people at the beginning to a large-scale entity enterprise with hundreds of people today. Complex things are also done by people. People-oriented is not a slogan here. The cohesion and centripetal force of enterprises are witnessed here.

Looking forward to the future, we sincerely hope that we will grow together with our customers, the industry, and our employees. It is really good to be good to everyone. We hope that in the golden autumn of the coming year, we will still meet here.

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