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Old-fashioned foreign trade city-Ningbo
- 2020-12-14-

2019Analysis of Ningbo's foreign trade situation in 2018: the first breakthrough in import and export volume9000billion mark

foreign tradetrading2020-02-25Source: China Business Industry Research Institute

China Business Intelligence Network News:2moon24In the morning of 2019, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce released2019Annual foreign trade data. The strong support of economic fundamentals has laid the foundation for the high-quality development of Ningbo's foreign trade.2019In 2018, under the severe situation of internal transformation pressure and external trade friction, Ningbo's foreign trade still achieved6.9 percentAgainst the trend of growth, the import and export volume broke through for the first time9000The 100 million yuan mark has reached a record high. Specifically:

Looking at the total volume, the scale of imports and exports has reached a record high again, and the growth rate is the national average growth rate.2times more.2019Annual, Ningbo's foreign trade import and export9170.3100 million yuan, the first breakthrough9000billion, more than2018annual growth6.9 percent; of which, export5969.7billion, growing7.6 percent,import3200.6billion, growing5.8 percent.The overall situation of import and export is better than that of the whole country, and the country's import and export, export and import have increased respectively3.4 percent,5 percentand1.6 percent, the city's import and export, export and import growth rates were higher than the national3.5indivual,2.6and4.2percent.

Among them, Yinzhou (this level)2019annual trade in goods1680RMB 100 million, the trade volume ranks first in the city. Second, Beilun (this level) ranks second,2019annual trade in goods1312billion.It is worth mentioning that Yinzhou and Beilun are the only two cities in Ningbo with an import and export volume exceeding 100 billion yuan.

Look at the structure, optimize and upgrade the product structure,High-tech products performed well.2019In 2018, the import, export and import of high-tech products in the city were respectively813.4billion,455.1billion and358.3billion, year-on-year increase20.1 percent,28.0 percent,11.5 percent, the growth rate was higher than that of the city as a whole13.2,20.4and5.7percentage points, accounting for the city's8.9 percent,7.6 percentand11.2 percent, the proportion increased over the same period of the previous year1.0,1.2and0.6Percentage points. Clothing, textiles, plastic products, furniture, toys, footwear, luggage, etc.7Exports of labor-intensive products1558.2billion, growing6.6 percent, accounting for the city's total exports26.1 percent.

Looking at the market, trade diversification has achieved remarkable results, and the growth of trade with countries along the "Belt and Road" has accelerated.2019In 2018, the EU was still the city's largest trading partner, and the import and export trade volume of Yong-European1881.2billion, growing4.5 percent, accounting for the total value of the city's foreign trade in the same period20.5 percent.Among them, exports to the EU1601.0billion, growing8.2 percent;Imported from EU280.2billion, down12.6 percent.

The United States is still the second largest trading partner of Ningbo. Although the city's trade with the United States has declined significantly, the city's trade partners with ASEAN, Japan, South Korea and other trading partners have maintained steady growth, and their respective23.3 percent,9.2 percent,8.7 percent. Eye-catching growth for Australia and Russia, respectively21 percentand17.1 percent.and along the "Belt and Road65country import and export2633.6billion, growing17.0 percent, higher than the city's import and export growth rate over the same period10.1percentage points, accounting for the city's total import and export value over the same period28.7 percent.with Central and Eastern Europe17The country's import and export volume reached284.8billion, growing8.4 percent.

Looking at the main body, the role of the main force of private enterprises is more prominent.2019Years, private enterprises import and export6204.1100 million yuan, boosting the city's foreign trade growth7.2percentage point, year-on-year increase11.0 percent, the growth rate is higher than that of the city as a whole4.1percent, accounting for the city's total foreign trade67.7 percent, the proportion increased over the same period of the previous year2.5percent. Among them, export4423.7billion, growing12.2 percent, of the total export74.1 percent, the proportion increased3.1percent; imports1780.4billion, growing8.0 percent, accounting for the city's total imports55.6 percent, the proportion increased1.2Percentage points. Import and export of foreign-invested enterprises2303.0billion, year-on-year increase1.3 percent, accounting for the city's total foreign trade25.1 percent. Among them, export1255.5billion, down2.6 percent;import1047.5billion, growing6.3 percent.

Looking at the way, the proportion of general trade has further increased. The city's general trade continued to play a driving role in the overall foreign trade, and the proportion of foreign trade has further increased.2019year, general trade import and export7941.4100 million yuan, boosting the city's foreign trade growth7.7percentage point, year-on-year increase9.0 percent, accounting for the city's total import and export86.6 percent, the proportion increased over the same period of the previous year1.6percent. Among them, export growth8.7 percent, accounting for the city's total exports88.3 percent; import growth9.7 percent, accounting for the city's imports83.4 percent, the proportion increased3.0percent. Processing trade import and export904.2100 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease4.1 Percent.

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