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The office of the Italian sales department was relocated smoothly
- 2019-08-04-

2019On August 4, 2018, the office of the Italian Sales Department was relocated to Pingdi Street. Three teams including the Sales Department's Domestic Trade Team, the Sales Department's Foreign Trade Team, and the Sales Department's Cross-border Team were successfully moved to the 3rd floor of the office building, and all staff helped the new office Sanitation of the building.

Expanded area growth marks

Italy has developed rapidly since its establishment in 2010. In just a few years, all aspects of the company's business have continued to increase and have achieved phased improvements.The scale of the Italian team has been continuously expanded, and it has grown from a few people at the beginning to more than 150 people. The original office area can no longer meet the company's development needs. Based on this, the company decided to expandoffice area in order to provide a better working environment for employees.

Carefully designed and caring

The office environment is an important display of the company's image and the second home of employees. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to the decoration of the office. Not only did the company hire an exclusive Feng Shui master to design the exclusive "Italian style", but also invested a lot of manpower. Material resources, caring for employees has been implemented in all aspects.The new office still adopts the modern minimalist style, the difference is that green and white are the main colors this time. The vibrant green and angel white office environment create a fresh, elegant and energetic office space.

Keep the original heart and be grateful to grow

Every expansion and relocation records the growth of Italy. At present, Italy is in a period of rapid development and expects more talents to join. At the end of this year, Italy plans to expand to more than 200 people. Therefore, this expansion and relocation It is not only for the consideration of the current increase of personnel, but also for the preparation for the long-term development of the company in the future.

In the future, Italy will maintain its original intention, develop in the direction of branding, internationalization and productization, and constantly explore the development path of transparent characteristics to create more value.