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A report on the elite special training of the Italian team of the automatic fragrance machine manufacturer
- 2019-04-13-

Shenzhen Yidas Smart Sanitary Ware Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, design, production and sales of sanitary ware and medical disinfection products for hotels, guesthouses, homes and public places. The main products are: soap solution It is a powerful high-tech enterprise; at the same time, the company also pays attention to the training and development of employees, and has launched the following activities.

From February 14th to 15th, 2019, under the care of the general manager of the company's Guilinshi and the overall planning of the factory director Zou Zhou, a total of 30 elite employees from Italy carried out a two Day and night theme development activities.

The theme of this expansion training is "I am a soldier", which aims to improve the training process of employees' core value. Through the training course, the potential of enterprise personnel can be effectively expanded, personal psychological quality can be improved and strengthened, and the team can be more cohesive and can be significantly improved. To improve one's own potential, enhance self-confidence, overcome mental inertia, hone perseverance to overcome difficulties, inspire imagination and creativity, improve problem-solving ability, understand the role of the team, and enhance the sense of participation and responsibility for collective activities.

After arriving at the expansion base, everyone was randomly divided into 3 teams, and each team elected a leader. In order to facilitate the organization of the event, with the active participation of team members, each team completed the team name and team flag within the specified time. , The design of the team call and team song once again reflects the collective wisdom and team spirit of the Italians. In the following 2 days, everyone participated in the experience of crossing the grid, passion 99, shooting cards, product production, swinging T Type, 7 tangrams, graduation wall and other training programs.

The challenging expansion projects have inspired everyone's high fighting spirit. During the expansion experience process, the elite members of the team have overcome one by one extremely challenging projects with the cooperation and efforts of everyone. After the end, everyone shared the joy of success and the passion for challenges, and fully realized the awareness and art that are closely related to work, such as leadership, execution, cohesion, combat effectiveness and teamwork.

The 2-day outreach training is a spiritual sublimation for each of our Italian employees. It allows us to understand the importance of teamwork and has a great experience. It enhances everyone's collective sense of honor and upholds the company's The motto of "Be grateful for being a man, do things faithfully, and dare to take responsibility" promotes everyone's collective sense of belonging to "Italian" - this big family, and shows the spiritual outlook of "Italian".

The general manager of Guilin Shi of the company said, "People take virtue as the root, the heart is based on kindness, rise up, surpass oneself, nothing is impossible, take the original intention as the guide, forge ahead, and strive to the road to the sun", this remark The 29 elites present are full of positive energy, don't forget the original intention, and always be consistent, then there will be no gaps that cannot be overcome, no difficulties that cannot be overcome, and no matter what the circumstances, you can't give up your responsibility We believe that we will be able to achieve the mission of our company----to work hard for employees, customers, and a win-win situation for the society.