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Italy brought automatic fragrance dispenser and soap dispenser to the Las Vegas International Exhibition
- 2019-04-16-

The company attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture, adheres to the corporate philosophy of "people-oriented, common development", is good at communication and learning, and often gets good exchanges and development in industry-related exhibitions.

The 3-day exhibition from May 8 to May 10, 2018, the American Hotel Supplies Fair was held in Las Vegas, USA. Show the trendy lifestyle of hotel supplies. During the period, as a representative brand of sanitary ware in China, ItalycarryAutomatic Fragrance Machine, soap dispenser, tissue box, etc.Hotel SuppliesSeries debuted at the trade fair.

Sincere cooperation and co-creation of brilliance

Italy is different because of you. Thanks to consumers and distributors for their strong support and trust in Italy. We look forward to making the Italian brand bigger and stronger on the basis of friendly cooperation and realizing the prosperity of life and wealth. A big win-win for a comprehensive harvest! At the same time, Italy is also looking forward to cooperating with like-minded people under the influence of the new era, and is committed to creating high-quality fashion sanitary ware!

Italian elegance

Conciseness is hidden in simplicity, and the circulation is elegant at first glance.Humanized design andThe perfect combination of ingenuity and quality achieves the design concept of luxury but not luxury, simplicity and extraordinary.Harmonious with soft and romantic colors and artistic taste,Warm and elegant without losing taste, colorful but not fancy, it integrates the artistic atmosphere and romance of Chinese and American styles, allowing you to enjoy life in the artistic experience.

Today, more and more attention is paid to the general trend of the sanitary ware and sanitary ware industry, which is more and more humanized, comfortable and beautiful. To grasp the demand is to grasp the future. With a more mature and professional attitude, Esmonsha will contribute to the prosperity and development of the sanitary ware and sanitary ware industry!