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Global Handwashing Day" Let's Embrace Health Together
- 2019-09-17-

Every October 15th is "Global Handwashing Day".

Global Handwashing Day was launched by the promotion of handwashing, calling on countries around the world to carry out handwashing activities on October 15 every year. The purpose is to call on the world to strengthen hygiene awareness through the simple but important action of handwashing to prevent infection of various infectious diseases.

This event aims to cultivate and support the culture of handwashing globally and regionally, pay attention to the situation of handwashing in various regions, and increase the promotion of the benefits of handwashing. As one of the sponsoring organizations of "Global Handwashing Day", through its offices around the world, actively Promote the handwashing movement of various groups of people, and call on people to use actions to awaken everyone's health awareness of correct handwashing, washing hands with soap or hand sanitizer, and preventing diseases; Promoting people to improve hygiene behaviors, especially teaching people to develop good hygiene attitudes and habits; Advocate for toilets in government, community, waiting halls, lounges and other places as well as toilets in public places to improve environmental hygiene, including handwashing facilities.

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