What is the reason why the soap dispenser does not have liquid? What are the solutions?
- 2019-10-25-

What is the reason why the soap dispenser does not have liquid? What are the solutions

Soap dispensers are also called soap dispensers and soap dispensers. They are characterized by the automatic quantitative dispensing of hand sanitizer and are widely used in public toilets. Now most soap dispensers on the market are fully automatic induction liquid dispensers, and soap dispensers can be used without contact. Cleaning hands is very convenient and hygienic. When we use the soap dispenser, we often encounter the situation that the soap dispenser does not produce liquid, so what is the reason for the soap dispenser?


The reason why the soap dispenser is not liquid

1. This is a very good solution without hand sanitizer, just add hand sanitizer


2. Treatment method for thicker hand sanitizer: if the hand sanitizer is too thick, it will cause the liquid to be unsmooth, or block the liquid outlet and cause the soap dispenser to not produce hand sanitizer. You can inject an appropriate amount of water into the soap container to dilute it. Hand sanitizer. Whether it is a hand-pressed or an inductive soap dispenser


3. Inferior soap dispensers There are many types of soap dispensers on the market. The quality and public welfare of manufacturers are uneven, and it is easy to buy inferior soap dispensers. Inferior soap dispensers usually have a short service life and have There are many problems, such as the use of inferior materials for the soap dispenser, which will cause the soap dispenser to be black when it is used for a long time; the inferior soap dispenser sensor is insensitive and sometimes does not work when the soap dispenses. Affect the use; if the liquid is not filtered, the soap outlet of this soap dispenser will often be blocked, and the hand sanitizer will not be released. Solution: It is recommended to choose regular channels when purchasing, try to choose big brands, and the quality is guaranteed.


4. Treatment of excessive internal air: The main way to dispense hand sanitizer to the soap dispenser is to press the liquid outlet pipe. If there is too much air in the liquid outlet pipe, it will be difficult to press out the hand sanitizer. Press the tube out, then clean up the excess hand sanitizer outside, pour in clean water and press or use a soap dispenser to expel the air in the liquid outlet tube.

5. The solution to the old and broken spring: The spring in the soap dispenser is used to support the pressing of the hand sanitizer in the soap dispenser. If the liquid outlet spring in the soap dispenser is old and broken, it will also cause the hand sanitizer to not be pressed. Come out. If the spring is broken, replace it with a new one.

The structure and function of the soap dispenser The soap dispenser can be divided into two types: with a lock and without a lock. Household with a lock and without a lock can be; public toilets should choose a soap dispenser with a lock to prevent the waste of soap. The capacity of the soap dispenser determines the amount of soap liquid that can be held, which can be selected according to the actual needs of the place of use.

The above is=the reasons and solutions for the soap dispenser not to produce liquid. There are not only many types of soap dispensers, but also many colors. The standard color of the soap dispenser stainless steel can usually be divided into stainless steel bright color and stainless steel wire drawing color. According to different You can choose a different color of soap dispenser according to the needs of the place. Shenzhen Italian company has specialized in the production of soap dispensers for 12 years, with skilled technology and guaranteed production capacity.

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