Induction soap dispensers are quietly changing our lives
- 2019-08-20-

BeAt present, the most common soap dispenser is the machine type one-touch soap dispenser. It is complicated to manufacture, low cost, safe and reliable, and is also commonly used at present. It is more and more inclined to automation, especially in public places. The automatic induction soap dispenser\/automatic induction soap faucet also came into being. It is not only convenient to use, but also avoids cross-infection of key contact. It is a good use in public places and Your own soap dispenser in hotels, bars, etc.

Shenzhen Itas Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. has specialized in the production of automatic soap dispensers for more than ten years. Its excellent quality has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. It is a trusted manufacturer recognized by customers and buyers. Itas has soap Liquid dispenser, sterilizer, fragrance sprayer, tissue box, hand dryer and other 8 series products.

Induction soap dispenserReal pictures: