How to choose a high-quality foam cell phone
- 2019-11-20-

BeHow important is the waterproofing of the automatic soap dispenser? Maybe many people don't care too much,
People who have used automatic soap dispensers may have a little understanding, why does my automatic soap dispenser break down after a long time? No liquid? How should I buy a soap dispenser?
In fact, a large part of the reason for the failure of the automatic soap dispenser is that the machine enters the water and burns out the circuit.
There are 2 kinds of possible water entry,
1. The soap liquid of the soap dispenser enters the inside of the machine,
Soap liquid is a kind of cleaning liquid, which is highly corrosive to electronic components. Soap liquid machine with poor waterproof, soap liquid can easily enter the machine through the gap. Once it touches the circuit board, the circuit will be damaged for about a week. corrosion.
2. In a humid environment, or when water enters the machine when cleaning the machine.
The function of the induction automatic soap dispenser is to automatically quantitatively dispense soap. It is used in places such as washbasins, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. The environment is relatively humid, and it is often exposed to water. Water will often be showered on the soap dispenser. is fatal.
The humid environment is prone to dust adhesion and easy to get dirty. For you who love clean, it is inevitable to clean the machine. If the waterproof is not good, water will enter. This will lead to a short circuit of the soap dispenser.
Now you should understand the importance of waterproofing automatic soap dispensers,
Italian automatic liquid type and foam type soap dispenser, positioned in the high-end, the body is fully sealed, 7-level waterproof, can be washed, if accidentally dropped into the water there is no problem.