How to choose a smart and safe hand dryer?
- 2019-09-21-

How to choose a good qualitySmart Hand DryerWoolen cloth?

When purchasing a hand dryer, you should also pay attention to the type of motor used in the hand dryer. There are many types of motors used in hand dryers, including capacitor asynchronous motors, shaded-pole motors, series motors, DC motors, and permanent magnets. Electric motors, etc. Capacitance asynchronous motors, shaded-pole motors, and DC motor-driven hand dryers have the advantage of low noise, but their disadvantages are slow drying and high power consumption, while series motor and permanent magnet motor-driven hand dryers have air volume. Large, fast drying, low power consumption, and now the new permanent magnet brushless DC motor combines the above characteristics, low noise, large air volume, and has become the best choice for hand dryers.

First, now the hand drying speed is fast, and the environmentally friendly and energy-saving hand dryers are wind-based and heating-assisted hand dryers. The heating function is just to keep the comfort of the hands. Usually the wind temperature is between 35-40 degrees. While drying the hands quickly, there will be no burning sensation.

2, the main parameters of the hand dryer:

1. The shell and shell material not only determine the appearance of the hand dryer, but unqualified materials may become a fire hazard. Better hand dryer shells are usually made of ABS flame retardant plastic, metal spray paint, and engineering plastics.

2. Weight, mainly to consider whether the installation location and material have enough capacity to bear the weight of the hand dryer. For example, cement brick walls generally do not need to consider the weight problem, as long as the installation method is suitable, this is not a problem, but if it is a color Steel plates and other materials need to consider the load-bearing capacity, but some manufacturers provide brackets for hand dryers to solve such problems.

3. Color and color are mainly a matter of personal preference and the matching of the overall environment. There are also food factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc., try to choose hand dryers of the original color, because the spray paint hand dryers may volatilize, which will affect food or medicine. safety

4. The starting method is usually manual and infrared induction. Now the new starting method is photoelectric type, which is characterized by fast starting speed and is not easily affected by the environment. For example, strong light may cause the infrared hand dryer to keep rotating or start by itself. , Optoelectronics starts by blocking the amount of incoming light, thereby preventing the problem of infrared hand dryers, and also does not touch the hand dryer with hands, thereby preventing cross infection

5, Induction position, you can choose according to your needs

6, working method, hanging on the wall, on the bracket, choose according to your own needs, it is recommended to use the bracket type when moving frequently

7, working noise, usually the smaller the better

8, Hand drying time, the shorter the better

9, the standby current, the more the better

10. The air temperature depends on your needs and the type of hand dryer you choose. Usually, it is advisable to choose one that does not burn for a long time.

3, Procurement suggestion:

When buying a hand dryer, don’t just look at the price of the hand dryer itself. Although some hand dryers are very cheap, they use electricity like a tiger, and it is difficult to control the power consumption. Therefore, try to buy products with low energy consumption and low energy consumption. The characteristics of power consumption are short drying time and relatively low power. You can calculate it alone, energy consumption=power time. You should also try to see the actual product yourself, and then buy it after trying it. Many small hand dryer manufacturers use inferior quality. The hand dryer made of materials has a serious fire hazard if the shell is deformed after continuous use for a long time.

Italian company specializes in the production of smart hand dryers for 12 years. Under the premise of ensuring quality from the source and ensuring environmental protection and safety, it achieves the goal of energy saving in the industry and continues to innovate. At present, there are many smart hand dryers exported to foreign countries. There are no 2 manufacturers of hand dryers.