Induction soap dispenser manufacturers introduce you to smart trash cans
- 2019-04-29-

There are many types of trash cans, such as sensor trash cans, foot trash cans, and one is the most common trash can. When using an ordinary trash can, you have to open it by hand, which is neither convenient nor hygienic. There is also a Ordinary trash cans have no lids. When throwing garbage, although you do not open the garbage cover with your hands, but because there is no lid, there will be odors emitted. And electronic induction trash cans make up for this. One defect. The trash can is equipped with infrared sensing technology. When you approach the trash can to throw garbage, the trash can will automatically open; after throwing the trash, the trash can will automatically close. The sensing distance is 15-20 cm. When a person's hand or object When it is close to the feeding port of 15-500px, the trash can cover will automatically open. After the trash is thrown into the trash can, the trash can cover will automatically close again. Because the negative oxygen ion generator is installed in the trash can, it can sterilize and remove odors. So there will be no odor.

●The induction trash can wears 2 layers of "clothes", the outer layer is made of 100% high-density polyethylene raw materials, not afraid of acid, not afraid of alkali

●The other "clothing" is stainless steel, brushed with a layer of zinc powder

●More importantly, the Italian smart trash can is also equipped with a heart, which is the essence of the trash can. The heart is built with a microcomputer chip, as well as infrared detection devices, negative oxygen ion generators, transmission devices and Linkage mechanism. Such a trash can will not consume too much power, and it can be done with 4 batteries. The company's related induction products include: induction soap dispenser, induction hand dryer and other smart products.

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