Introduction of common custom tissue boxes
- 2019-04-29-

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There are many types of tissue boxes, the common one is the hard box type tissue box, this kind of hard box type tissue box is used for drawing paper, in order not to waste toilet paper, people divide it into a small rectangular shape, which is stacked on top of each other. Put it, and then put it in a box with a small mouth. Every time you can pull out one sheet from the small mouth, you will bring out another sheet, hence the name of the paper.

In the later period, many types of tissue paper appeared, such as napkins, toilet paper, facial tissue, kitchen tissue and so on. According to different uses of tissue paper, we have developed different tissue boxes. The mini tissue box like the above is suitable for storing napkins and is suitable for sassafrass. We have developed a relatively large tissue box for paper towels such as toilet paper and kitchen paper towels.

●This kind of automatic paper cutter can output paper evenly and avoid waste. Only one paper is output each time it is extracted, which can effectively avoid paper waste.

●Humanized design, the paper output machine adopts streamlined design, round and no thorns.

●Intelligent technology automatically ejects paper, no need to extract, and one sheet of paper is ejected at a time, which is convenient to use.

●ABS raw material, safe and hygienic, is a material with good chemical properties and anti-oxidation properties, heat-resistant, hard, not easy to scratch, not easy to deform.

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