A closer look at the gradient development of China's soap dispenser industry
- 2019-08-04-

Due to domesticSoap Dispenser MarketThe competitive landscape of China is changing. Under the crisis, the international brands that used to occupy the high-end market are now beginning to enter the low-end market. Under this background, what new trends will appear in the soap dispenser consumer group in 2010?
First, consumers have entered the era of full participation. Today's consumers have to judge whether they consume or not consume the products of enterprises. Consumers are no longer passive, they want to be able to talk to enterprises at any time, and they do not believe in authority, but more in intuition and word-of-mouth. , which indicates that the era of the integration of production and sales has come.
Second, the rise of new healthy consumption. Affected by 3-polycyanamide, H1N1, etc., consumers' attention to health has increased sharply, and they prefer green and environmentally friendly soap dispenser products. Soap dispenser companies have established healthy and environmentally friendly products. Brand image will bring more market opportunities to the product.
Third, the trend of refined life for civilians has emerged. For soap dispenser consumers at this stage, it is not necessary to buy high-end brand soap dispenser product decorators to show their exquisite life, but to get their own taste with a little effort Want an exquisite living space, such as a beautifully decorated and comfortable home, as long as you are creative, everything is possible. Because now everyone knows, in fact, for the so-called famous brand and not famous brand, it is just a lot of advertising, product The quality is almost the same. Therefore, a new populace has emerged in China.soap dispenserThe consumer market, that is, a market that can satisfy middle-income consumers who pursue fashion through soap dispenser products, and at the same time meet their purchasing power. The trend of high-end soap dispenser brands must adjust the corresponding market strategies and launch products that meet the next-level consumer market.
Fourth, the rise of female consumption power. Relevant data shows that in the United States, women control about 80 percent of consumer spending, which accounts for 2\/3 of the country's GDP. According to my country's third census, women account for 80 percent of my country's population. Among them, young and middle-aged women aged 20-50 who have strong spending power and have a greater influence on consumption account for about 21% of the total population. At the same time, a survey shows that in household consumption behavior, women often act as the family's "chief purchaser" "Official" role. Especially in consumer goods such as home building materials, the wife plays the leading role.
Fifth, consumers are more pursuing new sensoryism and brand experience. Today, entering the brand experience store and participating in the experience activities of bathroom companies have become an important measure for consumers to understand soap dispensers. At the same time, the experience-based design of the store terminal is very important for bathroom The meaning of the brand is becoming more and more prominent.
Sixth, consumers have entered the era of national entertainment, and the forms of entertainment are highly diversified. The entertainment forms of the Chinese are becoming more and more diversified, and self-entertainment has no boundaries. People-watching entertainment has also become a typical entertainment feature, creating soap dispenser consumption. The entertainment platform brings consumers into entertainment activities to become a new marketing strategy for soap dispenser companies.
Facing the changes in consumer trends in the future, there are four possible paths for soap dispenser companies to face the Chinese market. The first is to pay attention to the rising urban new rich market in China. It is reported that the number of new urban families in China is expected to exceed 21 million; the second is Search from the existing consumer groups in the tier 1 and 23 marketssoap dispenser productsOpportunities for upgrading, such as refurbishment and upgrading consumption in the second-hand housing market; the third is to go down, counties and rural areas will be the next billion-dollar consumer market, the market opening will be very broad, and the development rate of the market will be improved. opportunity.