Induction Soap Dispenser Maker Explains Baby Nursing Stations
- 2019-04-29-

Baby care table is mainly a convenient device installed in public places, also called baby care table, baby changing table, baby changing table, etc. It can provide warm services for parents and babies, when customers need to arrange clothes and change diapers for children The baby can be placed flat on the finishing table, which is convenient for the mother to change urine for the baby. The baby finishing table is made of high-quality anti-mildew and antibacterial materials, and the special rounded corner design is safe and reliable. The baby care table is generally white. The table is wide and equipped with adjustable seat belts, which not only facilitates mothers traveling with babies, but also provides basic guarantee conditions for environmental sanitation. In developed areas, baby care tables have become standard products in public toilets. With the gradual improvement of the design, the baby care table will also be accepted and adopted by more and more users.

●The bed is made of FDA-approved high-density polyethylene material with antibacterial ingredients added by blow molding technology;

The cylinder device enables the upper and lower beds to be opened and closed at the desired slow speed;

The upper and lower beds are connected by a reinforced all-rigid bearing mechanical system, and the bearing parts cannot be exposed on the inner and outer sides of the bed;

●The bed rest should have 11ga rigid fixed surface and corresponding fixed installation hardware;

The concave diaper changing bed surface is smooth and comfortable, with a nylon safety belt. 2 hooks for hanging backpacks and handbags;

●The baby diaper changing bed should be equipped with a built-in pad extraction machine to provide 3-layer chemical-free, decomposable baby sanitary pads.

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