What precautions should be taken when using the soap dispenser?
- 2019-11-29-

In the process of using the soap dispenser, some matters must be paid attention to, especially the automatic soap dispenser, which should be taken care of during the use of the automatic soap dispenser.

How to use the soap dispenser: The soap dispenser is widely used, It can hold liquid detergents such as disinfectant and hand sanitizer. It is a fashionable boutique to replace traditional soap and its bottled and pumped cleaning products. Clean, hygienic and convenient is the manual soap dispenser. Unique appearance, precise organization, Just start the opening and pour in any hand sanitizer, and you can use it normally. High-quality products, high enjoyment.

So what are the precautions for using the soap dispenser?I'll tell you right away

1. Use a soft cloth to wring and wipe with warm water or diluted kitchen detergent, and then wipe with a soft dry cloth. In particular, ensure that the sensor head is clean.

2. When cleaning the induction area, please be careful not to scratch the surface of the induction head. Do not use various chemical thinners, etc., which may cause the body to change color.

3. The soap dispenser mouth is occasionally blocked by debris, which will hinder the spray of soap. At this time, please unplug the power supply and twist the soap dispenser mouth with a wrench, take it out, and rinse the soap dispenser mouth with water. Then use a soft dry cloth to dry the moisture, then install the parts and tighten them with a wrench.

4. Check after reinstallation to ensure that the soap dispenser does not leak, if it leaks, connect the interface tightly.

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