What is an automatic fragrance dispenser
- 2019-04-29-

Automatic Fragrance MachineIt is a kind of equipment that can improve people's living and working space. It has the function of automatically purifying the air and adding fragrance. It can eliminate various odors in the air, and can play a sterilizing effect, keep the air fragrance constantly, and is non-toxic to the human body. Harmless, the perfume is made of high-efficiency, natural spices and other raw materials. The dosage is small, the effect is fast, and the long-term use can completely purify the air. Fragrance can not only sterilize and remove mildew, thoroughly purify the air, and last for a long time, but also The gas emitted by the fragrance dew can be naturally degraded in the air, and has no pollution components. It is a popular green and healthy product in the world!

A fragrance sprayer has a spraying range of 50 square meters. It is widely used in hospitals, hotels, guesthouses, bathrooms, cinemas, beauty salons, office buildings, shops, conference rooms, trains and various public places. Fragrant place, let you enjoy the fresh air like a big self, there are many different shapes of the fragrance machine, and there are naturally many kinds of perfumes, such as rose, cologne, international, French, lavender, osmanthus, jasmine, strawberry, lemon, green Apple. These are the more popular fragrances. Perfume jars are also dividedFor plastic cans and tin cans. Most tin cans are not reusable, plastic cans of perfume can be reused, adding different liquids can achieve different effects, such as adding water to become a humidifier, adding bactericide can become a sterilizer ,.Intelligent fragrance machine and can automatically adjust the fragrance time.

●Adopt ABS environmental protection plastic.

●It is not easy to be scratched and deformed.

●Made with raw materials, the quality is guaranteed.

●Using AA batteries uniformly, power saving design, can be used for up to 6 months.

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