Introduction of common wall-mounted hotel hair dryer
- 2019-04-28-

Now basically every family has a hair dryer. The hair dryer is composed of a set of heating wires and a small fan with high speed.Wall Mounted Hotel Hair DryerIt is more commonly used. When the power is turned on, the heating wire will generate heat, and the wind blown by the fan will pass through the heating wire and become hot air. If only the small fan rotates and the heating wire is not hot, then only the wind is blown out and not hot.

The air blown out by the hair dryer is dry air. If it is used for too long, it will easily cause the loss of water and cause heat damage. The secret to reducing the damage is: first pat dry the moisture on the hair with a towel, and gently comb it with your hands. Smooth out your hair, then use the blow dryer.

The wall-mounted hotel hair dryer is mainly used for drying and shaping hair, but it can also be used for local drying, heating and physiotherapy in laboratories, physiotherapy rooms, industrial production, and art. According to the type of motor it uses, it can be divided into AC series excitation type, AC shaded pole type and DC permanent magnet type. The advantage of the series excitation type hair dryer is that the starting torque is large and the speed is high, which is suitable for making high-power hair dryers; The advantages of shaded-pole hair dryers are low noise, long life, and no interference to telecommunication equipment.

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