What is a soap dispenser
- 2019-08-05-

Soap dispenser, also known as soap dispenser and soap dispenser, is characterized by automatic and quantitative hand sanitizer. This product is widely used in public toilets. Avoid contact with soap to clean hands and other hygiene, which is very convenient and hygienic.

The soap dispenser generally includes a liquid outlet faucet fixed on the table top, a soap liquid bottle set under the table top, a liquid outlet mechanism for discharging the soap liquid from the soap liquid bottle, and a pressure button for driving the liquid outlet mechanism Wait.

Generally, the soap dispenser is matched with the sink and installed near the faucet of the sink. When installing the soap dispenser, you need to check whether the sink has a soap dispenser hole, otherwise it cannot be installed.

Soap dispensers are mainly used in star-rated hotels, restaurants, hotels, public places, hospitals, airports, home furnishing, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, electronics, high-end office buildings, large shopping malls, large entertainment venues, large banquet halls, hot spring resorts, kindergartens, It is an ideal choice for you to pursue noble and elegant life for use in schools, banks, airport waiting halls, families, etc.

soap dispenserThere are many types of soap dispensers. There are also many colors of soap dispensers. Different soap dispenser colors can be selected according to different places. The standard color of soap dispenser stainless steel can generally be divided into stainless steel bright color and stainless steel wire drawing color. Bathrooms in 5-star hotels Choose to choose stainless steel bright color, and the clubhouse can choose stainless steel red.

In terms of functions, the soap dispenser can be divided into two functions: with lock and without lock. It is more appropriate to choose a lock-free soap dispenser in the hotel room. The hotel bathroom can choose a lock to prevent the waste of soap.

The size of the soap dispenser. The size of the soap dispenser determines the amount of soap that can be held, which can be selected according to the actual needs of the hotel.