Stainless steel tissue box is the choice for a more elegant experience
- 2019-04-28-

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to the pursuit of fashion and taste. As a daily household necessities, tissue boxes can be divided into paper, plastic and metal tissue boxes according to their materials. Paper and plastic tissue boxes The quality is light, the production process is simple, easy to damage and not durable. The metal tissue box is more high-end, with a heavy metal texture and a solid structure, especially the stainless steel tissue box. The soft tissue is extracted from the rigid box. Luxurious and elegant, it is not only practical but also artistic. It is pleasing to the eye when placed at home, and is especially loved by those who pursue taste.

The current stainless steel tissue box adopts argon arc welding to weld the stainless steel plate into the box body. During welding, the stainless steel plate is easy to be heated and deformed, and the surface color and luster are inconsistent during subsequent surface processing. Moreover, the traditional tissue box needs to be welded with multiple stainless steel plates. The box body is welded in many places and the welding spots or welding scars are exposed, and the welding marks are obvious, thus affecting the quality of the tissue box. In addition, the arc radius of the edge of the existing metal tissue box is larger, and the arc radius value is greater than 10mm , its edge shape is not straight, can not show the strong artistic atmosphere of stainless steel.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The purpose of the present invention is to provide a tissue box in view of the deficiencies of the prior art. , the pattern is gorgeous, and there is no obvious welding trace. In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model is realized by the following technical solutions. A stainless steel tissue box includes a box body and a base, the box body and the base are fastened together, and the box body includes an upper cover plate And the side frame body with edges, the side frame body is made of a whole piece of stainless steel plate bent and covered, and the 2 ends of the side frame body are welded by laser cold welding!

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