Automatic fragrance machine manufacturers take you to understand beauty mirrors
- 2019-04-29-

Beauty magnifying glass is referred to as beauty mirror. The beauty mirror has two sides, one side is a flat mirror and the other is a magnifying glass. The magnification ratio of the magnifying glass is 1:3, which can perfectly illuminate the small risers. This is convenient for makeup users to see what they are photographed. part of the subtleties.

The utility model relates to a face mirror, which is composed of a plane lens, a magnifying lens, a frame and a bracket. For beauty, decorative mirror, can be used for beauty, make-up, can also be hung in the room or inlaid on furniture as a decoration, which plays a role in beautifying the environment. The purpose of the new model is to design a new type of mirror. The concave mirror with reflective surface can be used to enlarge the image in whole or in part, which is convenient for cosmetic makeup, beautification and decoration, so as to further enjoy the beauty and increase the joy of life.

Concave mirrors have been used in medical equipment and car lights, etc., and their purpose is for work needs. With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people, especially young people, have higher requirements for beauty and environmental beautification. The flat mirror and convex mirror are not enough for use. The concave mirror of the utility model has the function of light convergence, and if the object is in a certain position between the focal point of the concave mirror and the mirror surface, the object can generate an upright, enlarged virtual image in the mirror In principle, the concave beauty mirror of this design is that when a person stands in front of the mirror, he can see his undistorted image. Compared with the flat mirror, in addition to being undistorted, it also increases the function of magnification, which can be magnified by 1-2 times. (1) One side is flat and the other side is concave with reflective surface. Flat glass, ceramic or plastic is ground into a concave surface with a certain radius, and a layer of aluminum is coated on the concave surface by vacuum coating method to form a reflective mirror surface, which is a concave lens. The edge of the lens is covered with a plastic frame (2) of different colors, and then equipped with a bracket (3).

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