ABS Engineering Plastic Soap Dispenser Automatic Induction Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser X-5549F

ABS Engineering Plastic Soap Dispenser Automatic Induction Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser X-5549F

Product Details

ABS engineering plasticInduction soap dispenserChoose plastic as the material, flame retardant and impact resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, healthy and environmentally friendly. When buying a soap dispenser, the four most worrying concerns are:1Poor quality and great safety hazards;2Bacteria are not easy to clean3Unsightly, affecting store business4Noise is inconvenient to use. The induction hand sanitizer can relieve the above concerns, and has the following features:1beautiful atmosphere;2Smart sensing3Energy saving and environmental protection concept;4easy to clean;5Strong anti-interference;6Maintenance is simple.Atomized spray, more consumables. The liquid is output to the atomization spray head through pressure, and you are not aimed at fluidizing the liquid to achieve atomization output.

ABS engineering plastic soap dispenser5549 Features of this product:

1. Taihua original ABS engineering plastics;

2. Colors can be freely matched and selected, with a minimum order of 500 units;

3. Unlimited free choice with and without locks;

4. Dual use of DC and AC, removable battery box; remove the battery box to use a larger liquid container;

5. 4 large batteries (D) and 6V AC power adapter, suitable for national standard plugs;

6. Countertop and wall-mounted all-in-one machine; the service life of gears and motors exceeds 10,000 times;

7. 500, 800, 1000, 1200ml, standard square, oval and round containers are free to choose;

8. Dropping, spraying, and foam all-in-one machine (using liquid: viscous and water-based disinfectant, hand sanitizer, foam liquid);

9. The liquid output can be adjusted, and the MOQ is 1000 units;

10. Safety plastic blister packaging to prevent damage during transportation!

Product parameters:

Product material: ABS engineering plasticBattery parameters: 4AA\/AC or DCDrop volume: 2-3ML

Product capacity: 500ml\/800ml\/1000ml\/1200mlProduct Specifications: 28.513.6233.75px

Installation method: wall mountedSingle weight: 0.814kgQuantity per carton: 10PCS\/CTN

suitable place:

Families, enterprises and institutions, gifts, welfare (with gift packs), offices, bathrooms, star hotels, guesthouses, entertainment venues, office buildings, etc.