Wall Mounted Hair Dryer ABS Plastic Material Hotel Hair Dryer X-7729

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer ABS Plastic Material Hotel Hair Dryer X-7729

Product Details

The wall-mounted hair dryer is designed with safety, convenience and low noise as the design goals, with a fashionable streamlined shape, which fully expresses the smooth and frugal concept of modern industrial design and contemporary aesthetic ideas. It can be installed in a drawer, and it is an essential product for hairdressing and drying in today's star-rated hotels, homes and other places.

1. Equipped with a main power switch, the power can be turned off when it is out of use, so that the whole machine is not charged;
2. High and low temperature 2-speed hot air and air volume settings, you can choose at will;
3. The mobile phone has a micro switch button setting, lift the handle and hold the micro switch lightly, the power off button will work, release the button, and the power will stop.

This product is guaranteed for one year free of charge. Any faults caused by production process or component defects are covered by the warranty. The surface of the product is not covered by the warranty, such as scratches, etc. Any faults caused by human or external factors are not covered by the warranty. For example, knocking and knocking, or the user's private maintenance, will cause the warranty to be invalid. Consumables are not covered by the warranty. Lock\/portable 2-use type, press the button on the top, and press to open.

feature of product:

Sturdy and durable, it is convenient for users to check the remaining capacity and replenish it in time. The paper port is drawn out from the bottom, and the outlet is unobstructed. The matching accessories of this tissue box include: screws and rubber plugs. It is recommended that users drill holes for installation to reduce potential safety hazards.

Professional design\\production bathroom boutique, beautiful appearance. Easy to use, thick, can withstand people's pressure, suitable for hotels, guesthouses, home use, also known asWall Mounted Hotel Hair Dryer, Wall-mounted household hair dryer, etc., is your ideal choice for the pursuit of noble and elegant life!

[Scope of application] Widely used in banks, stations, hospitals, post offices, theaters, airports, airports, subways, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition centers, hotels, clubs, clubs, business buildings, etc.!

Product parameters:

Brand: Italy

Product name: Wall-mounted hair dryer

Model: X-7729

Power 1100w

Voltage: 110v\/220V (50Hz-60HZ)

Current: 5.5A

Material: ABS engineering plastic

Packing Quantity: 20pcs